We are pleased to welcome  Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, Qantas as the official Airline Carrier and Offset Partner for the ECOCITY Summit.


Registered national  participants were able to take advantage of  a 10% discount on Qantas base fares (excluding taxes, fees and surcharges) on Red eDeal offers from the Qantas regional and domestic network to Melbourne and return.  The discount applied to travel between July 5 and 20 17 for tickets purchased up until 11.59pm on June 12 2017.  We thank Qantas for their generous support in this regard.


Qantas understands the impact air travel has on the environment and that’s why they are committed to finding ways to help make a difference. Since 2007 Qantas Future Planet has offset over 2.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions, making Qantas the largest offsetter of any airline.

Air travel is a fast and convenient way to cover long distances but the planes we fly on release greenhouse gas emissions, which are shown to have negative effects on our natural environment. Qantas has calculated the fuel emissions of each route they fly, so you can easily offset your share, helping to counter these effects by supporting projects that affect real change.

100% of your contribution goes towards verified carbon offset projects that meet strict international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard. These projects collectively mitigate environmental impacts and build community resilience.

Visit www.qantasfutureplanet.com.au to calculate the emissions associated with your flights to Melbourne and help Qantas invest in protecting precious species and empowering communities.

Projects include:

Reinvigorating Indigenous Traditions

Empowering Rainforest Communities

Conserving Tasmania’s Wilderness

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